Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Day 5 (How I feel)

Sometimes I want to close my eyes and go to sleep,
Sometimes I get so fed up,
I want to feel normal,  
I want to feel alive again.
I want to feel like me again,
That's how I feel with this disease,
I just want it to go away disappear never to come back,
Maybe one day there will be a cure.
But till then I will make do,
There are plenty of people worse off than me,
I will overcome this and I will be me again.

Day 5 = Not feeling good 2day so tired and ache hopefully not coming down with anything . New medication seems to be bringing my blood sugars down but some are still a little high. Hopefully they will come down soon. Have no energy to do anything I need to spend more time with my little boy. Instead I just have no energy. He told me Mummy I will be glad when you are better so you can play with me more. Hate that he said that I have to feel better for him I will do this and till then I will fight the tiredness and play with my little man. 

Blessed be )0(

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