Friday, 29 July 2011

Journal Of a Diabetic Witch

Today is the start of me trying to get myself well again ! And this is my Journal 

After a year of being diabetic I feel like I am finally being listened to. Yesterday I at last got to see a consultant at the hospital about my diabetes. Yes its took a year of my GP trying to find the right treatment and me not suiting the tablets she was giving me I still don't think she believed me. Well yesterday I was told that my sugar levels are really to high and that I needed to try injecting myself with a new type of drug called Victoza and also take half a tablet each day. Wasn't very happy really but as to be done :) So now I am hoping that this works as I am really fed up of feeling unwell and missing out on fun times with my little man.

So I have decided to write down how I feel and how my diabetes is not going to win also there probably be a few moans and  defiantly things about my little man and my 2 dogs and maybe a little about my bf  also might put a few crafty things I have made or my boys made and did I tell u I was also a Pagan witch :) 

So Day 1 of my first injection wasn't to bad and i am feeling OK at the min yay  x

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